Hello Again

It's been awhile, hasn't it?  Sorry I've been away so long.  Life got in the way like it always does, but this blog hasn't been far from my mind.  I've been pondering, sometimes for hours on end, what I could do to make this blog more interesting.  It's always been about my art, but I want it to be about more than that.  Of you, my loyal readers, I have something to ask.  It's simple, really.  Please leave a comment about what types of content you'd like to see on my blog.  What would you like me to share?  What are you curious about?
As for me, I'm wandering the pathways of my inner world and exploring bullet journaling in my outer world.  I'm still fighting to stay healthy, and using the times I'm not to meditate and think those deep thoughts that we never seem to have time for in our busy lives.

So, dear readers, what would you like to know?

Expect the unexpected!



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