Challenge #1: 5 Marker Challenge

I'm probably one of the few artists who doesn't keep a sketchbook.  I like the idea of keeping a sketchbook, but what stops me is that I don't see the point in spending so much time drawing if it's not going to turn into anything.  I usually only draw if I'm going to paint something.  Furthermore, drawing isn't something that necessarily comes easily to me.  I know I need the practice, but I have to find a way to make it fun.  I decided to set myself some challenges.

The basic rules of the 5 marker challenge is that you have to choose 5 markers while blindfolded.  You can only use those 5 markers plus a white gel pen and a fine liner pen to ink and color your image.  Despite the fact that I have a few different brands of alcohol markers, I somehow pulled only Copic markers out of the bag.  The colors I got were Tahitian Blue (B04), Royal Blue (B28), Tea Rose (E93), Strong Red (R46), and Powder Pink (YR00).  I used a grey Copic multiliner for the outlines and a white Sakura gelly roll pen for the highlights.

I discovered quickly that none of the markers really wanted to blend, except for the two skin tones.  That limited my options, but I still came up with a drawing that would work with the colors I had (see below).

I traced the image onto some tracing paper and used that to do a graphite transfer.  I find it's less messy that way.  There's also less smudging of the graphite, which can dirty up your markers.  The photo below shows how it turned out.

I'm happy with how she turned out.  I'm not used to working with only markers, but this was definitely a good experience.  I think the original drawing had more attitude, but the finished art has something special about it that I can't quite put my finger on.

If you decide to try this challenge, leave a link to your blog post, photo or video in the comments below.



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