Challenge #3: Experiments

I actually finished this challenge on Monday, but I've been having a rough week.  Today was the first day that I had a chance to post it.  I was playing around with different ideas and I decided to challenge myself to do something different with the hair.  I also wanted to do a portrait in side view since I haven't tried that in awhile.  Here's how it turned out:

I did an ombre effect on her hair using a variety of alcohol markers, including Copics, Chameleon Pens, Prismacolor and Zig.  I added in the strands of the hair with colored pencils.  I ran into a little snag after I finished the hair.  I couldn't think of a background that I could paint that wouldn't compete with the bright hair.  I decided to do something I've never tried before.  I cut out my painting with precision scissors and glued it onto a piece of DCWV cardstock.  When I did the skin tones, not only did I try a different combination of Copic colors, but I also made it paler than I ever have before.  I used a variety of colored pencils to deepen the shading in certain areas.

I've already finished two more challenges since this one and I'm about to start a third.  I'll probably be posting the two that are done in the next few days.



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